Come back soon.


Sooooooo, hi. It’s Timmy.

As you can see I’m in the process of putting together a personal site for myself here at It used to hold my work and my portfolio, but going forward it is also going to hold my thoughts and opinions on stuff. Random stuff. Stuff you might like, stuff you might not. What I can promise is this, I’m going to do my best to keep it fun and give you something fun to come back to.

I’m about to do the fun process of creating a post for each and every category that I’ve got so far here on the site, just so that there is something clickable for you to check out while we build this bad boy up.

I need your help.

If there is something you’d love to talk about, or hear me talk about it would be great to hear form you. If there is a song or a show or a movie or game or thought or whatever, tell me. Lets talk about it.

So here’s to the adventure.

Photo Cred: Kallima Photography.

What do you think?