Here we go.


I want to write more

I am NOT a journalist. Not by a long shot. I have however been thinking a lot about writing more. I’ve got a few ideas that I would love to work on, but first I’ve got to get better at writing and expressing ideas and imagination in written form. So I figured what better idea than to create a site that will let me do just that. The idea here is to get better at writing. The secret hope is that I get to talk about stuff that people care about, and somehow share an opinion that people can relate to and enjoy reading. Of course, that seems silly to me. Even as I type this I’m feeling really insecure thinking that anyone would actually care what I have to say and what my opinions are. To be honest, I’m not even sure how to format a blog post and actually put up content that people would care about. Hopefully I’ll figure all that out as I go along.

Where to begin

So I’ve decided that since this week is E3 that I’d start sharing thought and ideas. These specific thought and ideas will of course be about video games and everything I can share being here in Dallas watching coverage on a number of sites. I’ve got to give a special shout out to which is where I’ll be following all of the live coverage of all the press conferences.

Video games have been a big part of my life growing up. They’ve been a reward for good grades, birthday and Christmas presents, what I do to unwind, and what helps me kill time while I render projects. I find an almost endless pool of inspiration and creative ideas inside most games from the UI to creative direction and animation to the marketing that goes into the release of the game. Sometimes I’m able to take what I see and observe and turn it into creativity for personal work. In most cases I’d happily trade in a movie experience for a video game experience because for me the story feels more real when I get to take part in it in some way.

So I guess, Here we go

Please feel free to connect with me. Ask me questions. Let talk about stuff that we love. My opinion isn’t influenced by anything or anyone, it is mine and mine alone. I’ll do my best not to get in the way of anything and just let cool stories be cool stories. The fact is you can get coverage of all that happens at E3 at places like ign, polygon, VG247, and a few others. I’m just looking forward to writing and sharing an opinion and getting thoughts out of my head. Lucky for you, if this isn’t interesting in the least, I am a small tiny voice in the pool of people sharing opinions. So I should be pretty easy to drowned out and ignore. I’m totally good with that.


What do you think?