Microsoft did it!

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Yeah Microsoft

The Microsoft Conference just ended. I could spend quite some time telling you all the things I found to be really amazing. But I’ll keep it to just the top 2 things that really had me jumping.

First: Crackdown 3

I would say that on my list of top 3 all time favorite games, the very first Crackdown would be somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd spot. That was one of those games where my room mate in college and I would run to our rooms after class, and jump in together. There was something so addicting about orb hunting. Getting every single one became less of a passive activity while playing the game, and became THE GAME. So, going into their conference the announcement of a 3rd installment was a huge hope for me. As soon as I saw the machine fly over the city with the logo on it, I was so excited! I can not wait to see how they made this game bigger and better than ever.

Second: Inside

Without knowing it, you’d watch the Inside trailer and see something very familiar. If you know anything about the developer of Inside, Playdead, and their work before this it’d be no surprise to see Limbo in their games list. It’s tough not to look at this and think that this is the spiritual successor to Limbo, and honestly, I think there is no greater comparison out there. This game looks like it took the idea and aesthetic of Limbo and pushed it to another level. Adding little bits of color, and giving it a bit more of a full 3D rendered look. Limbo itself was 3D, but because of the flattened silhouette look you can really see a difference between both games. If you ever loved Limbo like I did, the announcement trailer for Inside is enough to get anyone excited.

Honorable Mention

The honorable mention would honestly be everything. All around it was a great showing and I think they did a lot better this year than they did last year. So many people, myself included, were blown away last year that there was barely a showing of any games to expect on the One. It was all about media and how you can watch ESPN and do you fantasy football and watch HBOGO and that sort of thing. There were a few announcements for a few games, but again, it just seemed too few for the announcement of a console launch. So this year felt really really good. Lots of games, lots of trailers, lots of new IP and some sequels to IP that I love. Tomb Raider to point out a personal favorite.

If I did have to pick just one for the Honorable Mention category, it’d have to be The Division

Great show, excited to see what else comes out of the Microsoft side of things this week. If you missed the show, you can check out the archived version here.

What do y’all think? Did you guys have a personal favorite? Anything that you thought was a huge miss?

What do you think?