The Joys of Ouroboros.

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Next big thing?

Every once in a while a plug-in shows up that makes so much sense. It seems to fit into the application perfectly as if the creator of the application had a hand in the creation of the tool.

If you follow any number of mograph people on twitter you should have seen the name “Ouroboros” showing up quite a bit followed by a beautifully colored image of the plug-in in use. If you’re anyone who uses shape layers in After Effects (and if you aren’t you should be) this is an beautiful tool for you to get your hands on. The cost is, whatever you feel like the plug-in is worth. I could write more about the tool itself and what it does, but Sander Vandijk (@georegulus)will obviously do a much better job telling you how amazing the tool he created is. He also runs you through how to setup and use the tool. You’ve got no excuse not to own this plug-in. It’s really amazing.

Here’s the preview

Check it out. Make some cool stuff. Share it with everyone.

What do you think?