When Trolling Pays Off

The Trolledbosskey

As some of you might know, the wonderful Cliff Blezinski has come out of “retirement” with news of a new studio followed by news of a new IP that they’ll be working on. That was a few weeks ago. With that he posted a link to a countdown timer that was clicking and ticking down to this morning at about 11aCT for what we would assume would be the announcement of the new IP along with maybe some details as to what we could expect from the game.

The timer counts down and from Cliff’s twitter and his new BossKey account we get word from on high that his new project is a “Free2Play Sci-Fi PC Arena Shooter” code named “Blue Streak”. Now, we can get the Martian Lawrence jokes out of the way here first and just point out how amazing the 1999 movie was and how it changed comedy forever. Wait… No. No it didn’t. But it was Martian Lawrence at his most Martian Lawrency. Moving on. Word came down, “I present to you, Blue Streak”. Boss Key is going to be putting the works on this bad boy with none other than Nexon to publish it. Yadda yadda yadda…

Of course when someone like Cliffy makes an announcement like this while being in retirement everyone takes notice. The creator of the Gears of War franchise is back in the business?! It’s got to be something good! So the entire gaming community and everyone who knows anything about his rap sheet is now glued to their social media outlets for news as to what will be announced and what it will be.

The Trollerbattleborn

Enter GearboxSoftware. You might know these guys from a few things, the most wonderful to date (in my opinion) would be the Borderlands franchise. These guys know how to build a world and cannon and stick to it like it were law. To me, Borderlands 2 would be in my list of top 10 games of all time. I’m just weird like that maybe. Get over it. So unannounced to us, spending probably $0 on any type of build up and advertisement marketing, they decided to piggy-back Cliffy’s announcement and drop the bomb that they’re developing a brand new MOBA called, “Battleborn”.

Now, this is amazing to me because I would assume like all of us who care, as soon as Cliffy made his announcement that he’ll be revealing something new we all too notice. We all found the countdown site and set our reminders to make sure that on this date at this time we’d be around social media to see what the deal is. I’d have to think that was the same thing that Gearbox thought of when they saw this. They potentially thought, “Ok. This’ll work. He’s got everyone’s eyes and ears glued to social on this day at this time, lets troll his countdown and the big announcement and overshadow it with one of our own. He’ll do all the work of getting everyone onto social for that day, and we’ll just drop this bomb.” That makes sense to me at least. I feel like that’s what I’d do. Of course, I’d also assume that it’s all business, and all in good fun.

So this is a great example of how they trolled CliffyB and in my opinion came out on top with what I view as minimal effort to get your eyes glued to social for their big reveal. I’m also a huge Gearbox / Mikey Neumann fanboy. To know that those guys and girls do what they do just one town over from me… Too cool.

Of course Cliffy couldn’t just let it go, so he took to twitter and took a fun little poke at Gearbox and all the studios out there making MOBA’s.

Honorable Troll Mentiontitanfall

Somewhere in all this Larry Hryb shared that EA’s Titanfall would be getting it’s 2nd DLC called “Frontier’s Edge”. Not all that exciting, but hey, I remember being the little brother to my big brother just wanting to hang out and be cool with everyone else. It never worked out. There were a lot of bike rides home alone in disappointment.

I just wanted someone to accept me…

All Done
It’s been a little while since I’ve done a blog post. Funny enough, it’s pretty hard to do and hard to keep up with. That’s not to say that I don’t think about posting something at least 2-3 times a day with all I’ve got running through my brain. Sometimes things motivate and excite me more. This was one of those things.

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